Proper maintenance of the mattress and the habits to avoid:

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Many times we have talked about the useful life of mattresses, which stands at 8-10 years. Of course, if the mattresses are regularly cleaned and turned. In practice, if we want our mattress to “resist” for a considerably long time, it is necessary to take care of it at its best.

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The right timing:

Let’s start with a practical example: you have just received your vacuum packed mattress. What should you do?

First, open the wrapper and take out the mattress, possibly within 10 days of delivery. In fact, being shipped and delivered vacuum-packed there is a possibility that, if it remains forced for too long, its technical characteristics have been compromised. For this reason, as soon as the article is received, open the package, unroll the mattress and let it take shape for at least 4 hours. In case you received the product in the afternoon, it is not recommended to use it on the night of delivery.

A similar argument must be made for the first period in which you own the product. It needs more care, just like a child. In fact, for the first three months, it is preferable to turn the head-to-foot mattress at least once every two weeks, in order to let it take the precise shape of your body, to adapt to the best.

For latex mattresses, it is also good to turn them over-under, in order to avoid that one of the two sides becomes too rigid. This step is not strictly necessary for spring mattresses with a superficial memory layer, or for memory mattresses that have only one side covered in memory foam.

After the first period, this operation should be repeated once every 3-4 months, in order to make the wear regular.

The products to use:

The vast majority of mattress pads can be damaged if wet. While all the mattresses, if wet too much, can create accumulations and stagnation of humidity, favoring the proliferation of mites and bacteria.

For this reason, it is good to use the mattress cover sometimes, so not only will you avoid soiling the mattress, but it will protect it from humidity, including body moisture. The mattress cover should be replaced whenever you change the sheets and should not be applied to the memory mattresses.

Consider some beneficial tips for investing in a new mattress!

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Are you checking out the retail stores for replacing your old mattress? When finding for a new mattress model, it is important to carry some beneficial tips along with to reach the best mattress. The first thing which is a must to make sure is the present comfort level within a mattress. The right level of firmness and softness in the mattress is an important thing to consider which is going to give a discomfort or comfort during sleep time. One should prefer thinking about some tips which are going to help in mattress selection. Some crucial things which are really helpful in reaching the best results are mentioned below. Have a look at them:

Make sure about the bed height, which is the most suitable

In the current days, the mattresses varieties come in different levels of thickness. Such a diversified density of thickness demands consideration of the bed size to get fit into it. When you’re choosing a long mattress, which is not matched to your bed size, you’re investing in the wrong option. So, it is important to make a wise decision for reaching the best results. Don’t invest in a tall mattress if you’re sleeping alone on it as it could just bring discomfort to you during the sleeping hours. The low foundation mattresses ranging between 4-6 inches dimensions are considered as a suitable option for a medium-sized bed. You can also find a bed for back pain on Sleep Junkie.

Don’t miss to consider your body weight in the mattress selection 

The human body weight is one of a crucial thing to consider before investing in any particular mattress model. It is the factor which will help you to find the most suitable mattress for your sleeping time. The people who are thin can find an extra soft surface as a good option for them. The people who are having more weight should prefer choosing a firm surface. It is important to know that an overweight person is likely to generate huge pressure on the mattress while sleeping. This pressure would ultimately result in an overheat situation which will be going to act as a disturbing element during the sleep. To avoid such a disturbance, it is a good thing to consider some firmness in the mattress.

Washing the mattress, an operation to be carried out periodically:

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The mattress washing and mattress cover washing are two distinct operations that must be carried out with the correct periodic frequency. It doesn’t matter if your memory or spring mattress is anti-mite and antibacterial. If it gets dirty, it should be washed.

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Regular cleaning of the mattress is important because:

Washing the mattress correctly is essential to have a healthy, healthy and serene rest. Especially if those who sleep there suffer from dust allergy caused by mites. Not only this, since the mattress is used at a time of particular vulnerability, it is easy to be dirtied with more varied substances.

Nevertheless, it is not strictly necessary for the mattress to be stained with coffee, tea or herbal tea, so that it must be washed. Every night our body sweats, we lose hair, hair, and skin, all this goes to accumulate first between the sheets, then in the lining and finally, in the worst cases it also penetrates the slab of the mattress.

Specific products to clean the mattress:

In the market, there is a huge quantity of products destined to clean the mattress, from the electric aspirators to the products to be applied for the dry cleaning of the mattress. Add to this the grandmother’s remedies, timeless, like baking soda, water, and lemon, etc.

It is always recommended to contact professional subjects, as regards the cleaning of mattresses, especially if they are not removable. There are many laundries that carry out dry cleaning services, also aimed at cleaning mattresses.

Certainly, we do not intend to question either the efficacy of the grandmother’s remedies, based on bicarbonate, lemon juice, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide. Or argue that specific mechanical or chemical products are not very effective.

We simply expose the fact that, as there are professional subjects that carry out this operation, it is always better to direct the expense for the mattress washing to them, which will certainly give us all the guarantees of the case, as well as greater possibilities of success of the cleaning operation.

Different kind of mattresses

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Getting the mattress becomes easier now and really you don’t need to be feeling confused because you can once consult to your doctor and unless you are going to the market and will see about the different kind of mattresses. Whenever you once have all the information about these mattresses then you can get the right one which supports your body postures and you can sleep well at night.

Memory foam

The memory foam mattress is common one which everyone would love to get and seriously if you want to get the mattress in your budget then you need to pick out the memory form which gives you a lot of benefits and really you can remove all the allergies and skin reactions from your life. This would help you to work on the different things and really if you are buying the mattress first time when you need to try the memory form which would help you to fix all the health issues and really you can consume long term benefits from this mattress.


The pillow top mattress would help you to get the quality support and if you want to get rid out from the pain in your neck and back then you would be getting this mattress which would help you to consume a lot of benefits. So you don’t need to be worried because this material is really effective for you and especially for the people who are aged because you don’t need to be faced the pain in your back and neck now. Instead of getting the pills to remove the pain from your body you need to 1 strike the pillow top mattress and seriously it helps you to consume long term benefits as soon as possible. Read about other mattresses in

Water bed

The water bed is one of the effective things which help you to control the temperature and seriously if you want to sleep well according to nature then you need to buy the water bed and especially it is working in the summer. So you don’t need to be worried because you can sleep well on it and if you want to get rid out from all the health issues then you can once you get this water bed and no more troubles of dust and such other issues of allergies you need to be faced because this that help you to fix all the health issues soon.

Breathe in fresh air and throw out all carbon dioxide with mattress

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Have you ever thought that you can have the bedding that can throw out all the extra heat of the body and let you have fresh air to breathe? Is there any bedding system that can be sweat free? If there any bedding systems that can take good care of health? Is there any bedding that cannot trap any moisture? All these questions mattress a lot because all these qualities are required in the bedding that you use for the comfort of sleep. If any one of the things missed then it is sure that you will always wasting you money by purchasing the wrong kind of mattress. You might be thinking that such qualities in one bed are not possible. You can simply Find out what’s new on Sleep Junkie for your satisfaction. The new technology has proved that you can have such bedding system that can help in reducing all types of health issues, provide fresh breathing and helps in throwing out the extra heat from the bed.

Online you are having great offers on such quality mattress with all other products of the bedding. There is lot more to have from such quality and superior bedding. It is sleep with comfort, the health care system and the full body rest can be provided by single bedding. You or any person of the family can relax the body very fast and sleep in no time. There will be no health issues if you will use this bedding regular in your daily routine. Thousands of people that are the user of this bedding are enjoying best health with best comfort of their sleep. There are different types of designs, colors, styles and sizes available. You have the chance to decorate your room with traditional bedding system

The traditional, classic, modern and many more styles are available in the market. There is lot of benefits of having such bedding in the house. You can have full body massage, heat reduction system, helps in reducing pain of the body and have the feature of controlling the temperature according to the requirement of the body. You are getting shipping free, delivery free, 100 days free trial and also having discount on each model.

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